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Directory of Cryptophone Manufacturers, Cryptophone Exporters, Telecommunications

Categories > Telecommunications > Crypto Phone (Encryption)
4 Companies
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1  United Kingdom - London
manufacturerINTSEC LTD (International Security)
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The Tripleton Enigma is a highly secure GSM mobile phone for secure crypto-phone communications over GSM and landline networks. Provides strong end-to-end encryption for voice communication. Uses ITSEC certified cryptographic systems and components. Prevents eavesdropping and interception
Telecommunications Sub-categories:  Cryptophone  Mobile Phones  Wireless
2  Netherlands - Werkendam
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Spy-Safetyphone.com is manufacture and supplier of Encrypted Voice Software and Spy-Safetyphones. Our company makes possible to use Nokia phones for its software. New company located in The Netherlands.
Telecommunications Sub-categories:  Cryptophone  Mixed Telecommunications  Mobile Phones
3  United States - New York City
manufacturerDefentek Inc
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Defentek Mil-Spec Technologies Solutions: Defentek Mil-Spec Technologies are safe, secure and cost-effective encrypted military grade mobile phones. A vital technology for encrypting your cellular and VOIP conversations, text messages and file transfers.
Telecommunications Sub-categories:  Cryptophone  Mobile Phones
4  Germany - Dresden
manufacturerDICA Technologies GmbH
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DICA Technologies GmbH is a manufacturer of encryption devices for the protection of voice, video, mobile, and email communications. With the ScryptGuard GSM and email series, you have the advantage to get confidential mobile phone conversations and exchange secure emails. The end to end hardware-based encryption solutions of DICA are efficient, cost effective and protect your company's internal information for years.
Telecommunications Sub-categories:  Cryptophone  Fax Machines  Mixed Telecommunications
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