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Directory of Phosphate Manufacturers, Phosphate Exporters, Chemical & Plastics

Categories > Chemical & Plastics > Phosphates Chemicals
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41  China - Changzhou
manufacturerChangzhou Chuanlin chemical company
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As one of the leading manufacturers in China, our products are widely sold all over China. and the new added products, such as RED PHOSPHORUS, P2O5, POLY PHOSPHORIC ACIDS, COPPER PYROPHOSPHATE, which shows great advantages on price and quality. we wish to establish win-win business relationship with our customers.
Chemical Sub-categories:  Fine Chemicals  Inorganic Chemicals  Phosphates
42  China - Beijing
manufacturerBeijing Greenchem Technology Co, Ltd
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BeiJing Greenchem Technology Co.,Ltd. was established by many people who are experienced in both management and professional technology in large and medium-sized pharmaceutical enterprises. It is located in Zhongguancun Technology Park, the synthesis laboratory is in Daxing Organisms and Pharmaceutical Base and the manufacturing base is in Hebei province. The company yields technological advantage in the area of anhydrous and oxygen-free proprietary technology.
Chemical Sub-categories:  Organic Chemicals  Phosphates
43  China - Danyang
manufacturerDanyang Alvin Chemical CO,LTD
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Polyurehtane Additives Flame Retardant Amine Catalyst Metal Catalyst Amino Chemical Phosphorus Chemical Metal Chemical
Chemical Sub-categories:  Fine Chemicals  Phosphates  Polyurethane
44  China - dezhou
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ammonium polyphosphate
Chemical Sub-categories:  Fine Chemicals  Phosphates  Textile Chemicals
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