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Directory of Dyestuff Manufacturers, Dyestuff Exporters, Chemical & Plastics

Categories > Chemical & Plastics > Dyestuffs
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281  India - Vadodara
manufacturerNovas International
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Novas International is one of the leading Manufacturers and exporters of Dyes and Pigments in India and being Manufacturer Exporters we can offer consistent quality and competitive prices. We manufacture Pigments blue, Green and Reactive Vinyl sulphone dyes.
Chemical Sub-categories:  Dyestuffs  Pigment  Textile Chemicals
282  India - mumbai
manufacturerSG COLORS
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SG COLORS is a Manufacturer of SO Dyes. We are manufacturers of SO Dyes for Leather, Nylon, Silk, Paper, Carpet, Wool, Wood & Textile industries. Our production capacity is 2400MT per annum.
Chemical Sub-categories:  Dyestuffs
283  China - Xuzhou
manufacturerXuzhou ZengHui Dyestuffs Industries Co,Ltd
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Xuzhou ZengHui Dyestuffs Industries Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer of vat dyes in China, Specialize in Vat Black RB,Vat Blue VB, Vat Green B,Vat Olive T,Vat Brown GG, Vat Yellow GCN, Vat Blue RSN, Vat Yellow G & Vat Red R.
Chemical Sub-categories:  Dyestuffs  Textile Chemicals
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